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X-Purt is an Idea Validation and Product Testing Platform that reinvents how you launch your Products

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Built by Stanford grads, X-Purt is the premier platform for idea validation and product testing. With X-Purt you can find those elusive first users to test your product, you can post targeted surveys, utilize focus groups, and talk to industry experts right here on the platform.

Limited Launch January 2021! There are only a few spots left for pre-signups! All presignees will receive 20 X-Purt points upon launch, as well be entered into a $300 cash raffle. If you’re ready to get your business idea validated and create a radically successful business, then go ahead and submit your details.

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Cost Effectiveness

A common complaint with user research is that it's too expensive to be accessible, especially to individuals and small businesses. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we made X-Purt as cost effective as possible because it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to test if your idea is good or not.


A lot of entrepreneurs either don't have the time to conduct research, or the bandwidth to perform effective user research and product testing. With X-Purt, setup is easy, quick, and accessible for non research professionals. With X-Purt get detailed, valuable results in hours/days, not weeks.


Even if you’re product isn’t solid, with X-purt you can always validate to see if you’re on the right track. We know it can be tough to find targeted users to test your product, so we built X-Purt so you can easily find these users, and receive feedback and suggestions for improvement from the broader communuity